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invest in your team, invest in your business

A portal from world of me gives your team to access training materials. With improved skills, your team will be more productive and happy.

Our demonstration portal shows what we can create for you to enhance your communications mix.


no budget for salary increases?

Give more than just money. The gift of training and savings of over £800 per year, puts money in their pocket and gives them access to the materials to help them perform their jobs better. Using feedback from employees, you can change the content and portal to meet their needs.

want to know more?

World of me is a service from Hopgood Consulting Ltd. We've already helped many organisations to improve their communications with staff. Companies such as BP, Atos Origin, Accenture, Coca-Cola and others value their staff and create communications channels and portals.


Contact us for a no obligation chat about the opportunity to create a customised portal which gives your
staff the edge and savings that will bring a smile to your team.

Tel: 01732 80 80 67    or email

Contact us if to promote our service

Tel: 01732 80 80 67    or email

Employees Try our example site and let your team leader know that you are interested in joining World Of Me
You are welcome to visit our demonstration portal

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